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Özgür Atmaca is a Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Audio Designer and Lecturer. He currently resides in Istanbul. He has accumulated 9 years of professional experience in the field of Music and Sound Engineering. After the  SAE Institute Audio Engineering program, he was admitted to Yıldız Technical University's Audio Design and Music Technology Program, from which he graduated with the second-highest rank. Presently, he pursues a master's degree at the same university while also working on game audio software design. He is also Lecturer at Yildiz Technical University Music Technology Department and Co-Founder of Audio Rituals Immersive Audio Labs.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with numerous prominent artists for studio recordings, contributing as a composer and sound engineer/designer. His expertise extends to various media realms, including film, documentary, game, concert, TV series, and more.He is actively engaged in teaching and delivering seminars on Gaming Audio & Music and sound and music technologies. In addition to his work in music and sound design for Game and VR/AR Projects. He holds positions as the freelance music director and head of the audio department at Groovypedia Music Company OU-Estonia (Tallinn) and serves as the Composer and Audio Designer for Noxart Games Inc. He is also technical partner in various collaborations such as Livin Filmworks, Zuhal Istanbul Studios where he functions as an Audio Engineering, Producing & Composing.

Furthermore, Özgür is the Co-Founder of an R&D community known as Audio Rituals Immersive Audio Labs, specializing in creating audio libraries, digital audio engines, audio hardware, and post-digital solutions for game developers and other interactive and media projects. He has a fully-equipped studio with various recording and music production applications and equipment. Additionally, he has access to numerous studios globally, located in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, Boston, Milan, Dubai, Dublin, Wroclaw, and Amsterdam.His toolkit for music design/audio processing includes Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Studio One, Luna, WWise. He possesses beginner programming and design skills in C, C++, Python, Pure Data and intermediate level for Unreal Engine.


Özgür's overarching goal is to establish a full-time career in music and sound design for games and immersive projects, enabling him to showcase his work in globally renowned games, series, films, and commercials known for their exceptional sound designs and music. His aspirations include advancing the industry through academic studies, authored books, R&D projects in the field of game design, game music, and audio design, as well as architectural acoustics, with the aim of making valuable contributions. He remains committed to engaging in such projects throughout his career.


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